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wally circle jump

 Performing Arts Studio for ages 8 – 15 after school on Tuesdays, Fall 2013 at Belinda’s studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Beginning October 1 Limited enrollment, apply now! Call 917 907 0701 or e-mail ebwally(at)mindspring(dot)com Wally’s workshop encourages young artists to explore all aspects of theatre. Participants receive individualized attention as writers, directors and/or performers while […]

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CLICK HERE for The Tale of the Thanksgiving Ladybug 2013, your complete dinner theatre classic. Print the whole document once for HOST then make at least two more from page 4 to 7 for second HOST and STORYTELLER(s). And here’s the link to the SOUNDTRACK on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/80573810 Please let me know how it goes […]

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pen and paper

I hope that you will write a play worthy of the life of the spectators. WALLY’S WORKBOOK FOR PLAYWRIGHTS  

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New and improved FEEL FREE HAGGADAH for your Passover seder.  Enjoy. The Feel Free Haggadah 2013

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liquid sound

DJ Jeannie Hopper talks FLIGHT18 with Captain Wally Bruce for Art International Radio.  Go HERE for a listen. “A wonderfully eccentric and unique night … a mind-bending cosmic dimension … for those brave enough to step outside normal conventions and enter a fun, innovative and highly interactive experience.”   – Sarah Congress, nytheatre.com Here’s what Sarah […]

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Here’s a treat from the street.

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Michael Lynch as Agnes
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Get out

Get Out Of Egypt by Eric Wallach in the year 5771 Pharaoh will see he’s gotta get out of Egypt The people want to be free so get out of Egypt We can’t take no more no more of Pharaoh Walk through the door and say, “No more,” to Pharaoh Get out, get out, get […]

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see Selected Shorts video for clips

THE BREASTS OF TIRESIAS: A SURREALIST MUSICAL (based on Guillaume Apollinaire’s Les Mamelles de Tirésias) Produced by Amy Wood NEW YORK AVENUE Adapted and Directed by Eric Wallach Music by Jeremy Bernstein and Madeleine Besson Starring Madeleine Besson as THE PEOPLE OF ZANZIBAR Astrid Bayiha as THERESE / TIRESIAS ThomaS Landbo as THE HUSBAND Emilie […]

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Lando and Chevrillon