Wally is constantly trying to figure out where to slingshot the rock that takes down the corporate Goliath of Big Brother.

How is the Revolution going? Let’s meet in Washington D.C. ASAP and  join the poor people’s campaign for a moral adjustment in America.

If we’re not working for peace then what are we doing?

I believe that peace is possible.

Here’s a sound poem I made with John Lennon’s voice:

 I have been stamping my money for five years now.  It feels good. Highly recommended.

2 bill not war

Here’s a video of my direct action RADICAL JEW, 33.

And here’s the picture that Clayton Patterson got of Radical Jew, 33.

Radical Jew, 33

Radical Jew, 33

Here’s the collection  I culled from the internet in the wake of the event:

RJ, 33 on the web.  It’s funny.

Radical Jew, 33 was born, in part, out of my guilt for not getting arrested during the Republican National Convention.

RNC in NYC 2004

RNC in NYC 2004

Here I am, “that peace guy”, with my bike in front of the New York Public Library when the police shut it down.  I rode around doing the good work for eight days straight. I wrote about it here:  Riding until we get there

Lincoln quote gocco card

This is the Gocco card I passed out during the action with Harmonic Insurgence.   Here’s the press release for CAROLING THE CONVENTIONEERS.

Check out Keith Geller and I deep in the trenches.  My protest hat reads: REGIME CHANGE IN THE USA.

Wally and Keith hit the streets, "Regime Change in the USA!"

Wally and Keith hit the streets, “Regime Change in the USA!”

The leopard skin thing on my jacket is my microphone and in my hands are the cards I hand-printed on my Gocco.  Here it is:

RNC action card goccoHere’s another sound poem:

harpo bill

This is a bill from our multi-arts event (in 2001) called Revolution Thursday.  For a discounted admission participants were asked to write the name of their favorite revolutionary on their money.

My bike.


And here’s a picture of me with the Gang on the cover Vanity Fair.

wally and the gang

A final breath before we go to remember our way forward.