Wally works from the People’s Republic of Brooklyn on the land that once belonged to the Lenape and Canarsie tribes. In harmony with Mother Earth and solidarity with fellow human beings, Wally supports the Black Lives Matter movement and the call to re-imagine America with equity, human dignity, justice, peace, and art for all.

Wally’s current projects include:

The Great American Throw Down, a debate competition show for present-day politics.

FLIGHT18: Captain Wally’s Spaceship Kaleidoscope will lift off as soon as the stars align.

A biographical film based on author/sailor George Dibbern whose adventures lead him to write his own passport and become the first Citizen of the World, a brother of all. Adapted from his book entitled, Quest (1940).

Also, Brooklyn Arts for Kids is rocking in its fifteenth year, which he runs with his partner Belinda Blum! We are both responsible for  The Birthday Game as well.

Wally is the author of The Audience Makes the Show: insights, prose, and plays and the upcoming Make Theatre Now: A Tool Guide for Performance.

Please make contact if you’d like to get involved.

Wally’s mother Mary delivered him on January 12th, 1972 in the City of Angels as Aretha Franklin was rehearsing for the Amazing Grace concert nearby.  Click to hear:

ERIC “WALLY” WALLACH creates responsive entertainment and much more.

He is a mother to many shows still yearning to be seen again including Millesgården, The End is Here: Enjoy!, The Didi Plays and the musicals Suc Daddy, The Jack of Tarts and The Breasts of Tiresias. Among other articles he has published the true-to-life play titled Interview or Who’s Afraid of Mr. Albee? in the Brooklyn Rail. He crucified himself in Astor Place as an anti-war public performance when he was 33.  FLIGHT18, Wally’s brainchild since 2002, has been sailing around our solar system since 2010, bringing people together to celebrate the serendipitous splendor of Life.

Wally, has a BA in Theatre from San Diego State University, where he furthered his multi-arts exploration of theatre. He continues to bring his own approach to theatre collaboration to students of all ages throughout New York City and beyond. Wally is a torch-bearer of the great artists he has had the honor of working with, such as Jack O’Brien, Robert Wilson, Joseph Chaikin, and Penny Arcade.  He is a soldier in the army of love, a truth-seeker, and bikedancer. Browse around www.ebwally.com for scripts, articles, photos and videos.

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